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Rathi: black magic done by a spiritual healer where she went for taking help!

Hello Every One!

My love life was going well for past five years with my boyfriend.Then slowly and slowly my love life started deteriorating.My boyfriend though loved me a lot started hiding things from me, stopped sharing his heart with me.Though this was very disappointing for me, I was left with the option of accepting this as the truth in my life.But I don’t know why my heart always used to feel that something is wrong with him,he was never so before.I then contacted many spiritual so called healers,described them my problem.Of which some said that some third girl has done some vashikaran on him,some said that we guarantee you that your guy will marry you only and none other,some said that “guy should be punished for leaving you…i’ll let him fall in your legs”…….I didn’t believed in any of them because some where inside my heart was saying me that that’s not true at all and I never wanted my love to fall in my legs.So all this felt nonsense to me.Then I met a so called spiritual healer who said that he bow’s down I mean he prays mata rani vaishno devi only..He enquired my case,asked me the reason why I didn’t took help of other healers.I responded him in simple words that I didn’t felt the respect I have for my love in any of the healers.So he said i respect you for your this noble thought and would study your case and will describe you the core reason of the problem I’m facing in my life.For that he told me to bind some herbs we use daily in our kitchen in my clothes.Then he did the case study and gave me some imaginary story of my past karma, the sins I did that time. And gave me the authentication of his words by revealing me some marks on my body sitting from that distance over the phone.this way he showed me his powers.He claimed well that he can see everything in karma kundli,the past .present and future.He took money from me for the rectification of my problem.He used to call me his sister.Even called me on the day of Rakshabandhan to say that he has tied my rakhi by his sister. He wasted my many months by giving me hope that my problem would be solved but as the dates mentioned by him used to come,again and again he used to say that as the work was going to end at that instant only some new problems used to arrive and that led to delaying of the work…He always used to either give me some tensions,or used to keep me busy with visiting temples to offer prayers to God and distribution of prasaad.This is one of the most common thing we all people do when we visit temple.And behind all that he was doing his shady business.Most of the times whenever I used to call him either he didn’t used to pick up the call or would have said that he had been busy that stage.It would be hard to describe all his filthiness in this small story.After wasting my lots of money in the name of the holy Godess mata rani vaishno devi,at the end he too bloated out himself with the same imaginary story of the third girl who had done some work such that any of the person will die who’ll help me.I felt all these remarks a complete  bullshit.But now still he claimed that since he has made me his sister he’ll help me out if I wish for the help to be given by him.I knew now again he’ll be demanding more money.I just responded that I don’t have money now.To that he responded just think and reply.He had whole day free when he needed to suck out money from me.All this time this man had been using 

All this time this man had been using my faith in God as the way of sucking out money from me claiming that he’s devotee of him and needs to do puja and hawan for the rectification of my problems. I was getting depressed day by day and at the same time thinking that am I the most sinner in this world that I am not entitled to live a normal life like others.

Then I strongly believe  by the grace of the divine holy God, I’ve met Shweta Madam who brought her in my life.May be Goddess MahaKali too didn’t wanted that this man do anything more filthy in my life by using her name.She sent me Shweta Didi as an angel in my life who helped me, guided me, supported me and gave answer to all my queries as and when I demanded.I felt calm and composed with her. She did my case study and I strongly know and believe that she gave me really authentic information about my case.She told me to google out Female Tantra by myself, so that I could understand the cheap ideas behind this man the  so called healer having attained many siddhis ,the man who had been calling me has his sister throughout these months against me. Shweta didi informed me that this so called spiritual healer has inculcated black magic upon me of which I’ve seen the proofs as well when she was solving my case.She clearly mentioned me the evil intentions of this man for which he  had been using me sitting at that distance and the Irony is that I was totally unknown of the situation.And he  has left no stones unturned to ruin my mind,my carreer,my relationships, In fact my future relationships as well if at all it would have been possible in case if would have got married ,as he had blocked my marriage too.

Shweta Didi took my case under special women section she has opened in her organisation and solved it on urgent basis.She made sure that that pervert man should get a life time lesson for exploiting female without her consent through tantra sitting from very distance may be thousands of kilometers away.She always told me that we needed to work as team against the evil.she is really a trust worthy and authentic person who help the victims in need unlike the other so called healers who either abuse or exploit women in the name of tantra. Shweta didi solved the black magic he inculcated upon me and made me secure against any form of black magic for life time. Now I feel secure that that pervert won’t ever be able to chase me by practicing tantra in evil way against me ever.

I request all women out there to google out “Female Tantra” and “the signs of black magicians” so that you should know the cheap practices by which these filthy people use innocent people and particularly exploit women by practicing tantra in evil way.And more importantly they do their shady business by using the name of holy God we people worship in our own homes.But in reality most of them are fake,money suckers and most importantly exploiters.

My sincere thanks goes from the bottom of my heart to Maa Kali, Shweta Didi and her entire team for being saviour in my life.

Jai Mahakali