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Venus Diwali puja

Asha from rathasthan

Being a victim of a Black magic by a fake healer who not only had harmed my mental abilities but at the same time  played with my planets too,had left me totally alone. With no one to share anything  and be social with my personal as well professional life was taking a downfall.I had started losing attention of people who were very important in my life.I would meet with financial losses on a daily basis ,just the ways were different.

Basically I was totally alone…alone .n ..lonely..!!!

Shweta Mam was able to see all these tricks played with me by this fake healer which he had done by disturbing my planetary positions keeping me in complete darkness of this knowledge so as to make me alone and make me dependent on him always and hence making his position strong enough to use me as ATM machine whenever needed. 

Shweta mam suggested me Venus puja and Diwali Prosperity puja which I get that done.

Once my work started I was able to witness that my social relations started improving.The blockages that were created by that fake person were removed and I started getting attention back with the mass..I no more feel those daily financial losses any further.My lost confidence  has revived.And it has made me a cheerful person as a whole.Today I attribute my smiling face to the blessing of Maa kali  and Shweta didi who put her lots of efforts to bring this on my face…I’m blessed to have Maa kali in my life who saved me timely.

Jai Maa Kali