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Ketu: Voice of the Voiceless Soulmate


Ketu: Voice of the Voiceless Soulmate: By: Shweta Bisht:-

This book is an audio book. Author: Shweta Bisht.  It’s free for everyone. You can hear it directly by going on by clicking on each mentioned chapters.

This book is about correlation of dogs with powerful energy of ketu. It talks about what ketu is? What ketu does? How important dogs are if you want to benefit from ketu shadow planet.
It’s an eye opener for all pet parents and the guide for them as well once their pet child goes away from them. How to tackle that pain? Understanding the soul connection with your pet.
Moreover it’s a blend of astrological curiosity with true love that your dog gives you as they are the living legend s of ketu.
It talks about many hidden aspects of ketu with your career and daily life scenario s.
This book is available on Amazon too!
So we hope you enjoy this book and gain knowledge from it.
Happy listening…
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