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Akashic Records readings

This is to inform all the followers and clients that we have started a special section for Akashic record readings on high demand coming to us from last 2 years.

Due to to scarcity of time and being involved in various other spiritual zones it was getting delayed. But now there is a good news for all !

Gurudidi Shweta ji has opened the gate way for Akashic records reading service.

Firstly lets understand the meaning of Akashic records in brief.

Akashic records is a data stored in the cosmic library about each one of us. Everything is unedited and with no manipulation.

For more details you can watch the video on Akashic records by gurudidi shwetaji.

Fee structure:

1. This service has a provision to ask 3 questions of your life. Not beyond. Also it needs to be very much specific.

2. you need to get your booking done by mailing us on Gmail:

3. It will take 1 week time for getting your records. Remind you these records are read as it is without extra words added by narrator.

4. Fee structure:

rs 21000 k for india per person plus 18%gst

Usd 500 per person plus 18% gst

Due to heavy advance bookings you will have to wait for your turn to come. So kindly maintain patience levels and calmness.

Details required -:

1. Latest photo
2. date of birth if there otherwise you can skip
3. current location

You can contact on whats app number for bookings: 7838237702