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YOU ARE YOUR OWN AUTHORITY AND YOUR OWN POWER...TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TODAY.....Everything that happens to you, is because of you and your choice. if you feel hurt, its because you have chosen it. people will do what they have , but your reaction or response causes what ever inside you.....If you think someone can do something to you, you have created them as more powerful than you. Nobody is more powerful than you except you. www.maakalishwetasarojinimahakali.comm


Story Description


Diwali or prosperity puja is one such puja which has not only eased out my financial constraints but at the same time opened up avenues for my financial growth in general. After visualising the type of financial problems I faced  myself , it was the timely suggestion made by her to do this puja which has positively transformed my life for good. I sincerely recommend this puja for all but specially for the ones who are severely in need of monetary benefits as I truly believe that this puja is a blessing from almighty through Shweta Ma’am .

Maa Sarawati puja and blessing through the pen

Being a single parent and a teacher by profession , my life had been a tumultuous one , full of hurdles which ma’am Shweta not only envisioned but suggested the Maa Saraswati puja for my profession as well as removing the obstacles that I faced in my day to day life using the PEN which had been blessed and energised by Goddess herself in this puja.
Using this pen , I could get through most of my hurdles with ease and somewhere it gave me
Confidence of getting blessed by Goddess of knowledge and wisdom herself .  One can truly feel empowered using this blessed pen for all the important tasks in my day to day life. Recently I received a call for a job where I had applied using this pen and so I would truely recommend this puja for most of the  deserving students and people facing hardships in life.