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YOU ARE YOUR OWN AUTHORITY AND YOUR OWN POWER...TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TODAY.....Everything that happens to you, is because of you and your choice. if you feel hurt, its because you have chosen it. people will do what they have , but your reaction or response causes what ever inside you.....If you think someone can do something to you, you have created them as more powerful than you. Nobody is more powerful than you except you. www.maakalishwetasarojinimahakali.comm


Story Description


It all started with cross mark on my shoulder and then slowly and gradually took over the entire body. I use to get dreams of dead people and dreams that use to take my heart away. It was getting difficult to sleep at night. I felt as if I was being controlled by some other force.

We did not know whom to approach and started looking for solution on the internet and found Shweta didi. She did a case study on me and my husband and told us that we are not in the right situation and things did not seem to be natural. It was then that we were told that there is a black magic that has been done on us for an unsuccessful married life which was done by one of my husband’s relative.

Things were not right between me and my husband. We use to fight & argue over unnecessary topics. It was difficult to stand each other. I use to have pain in the entire body all the time & also use to feel as if I have someone with me all the time even when I was sleeping. I had sleepless nights.

Shweta didi then started with the cure. During the cure procedure, I did go through a lot of pain however Shweta didi asked us to have faith in Maa Kali. Maa Kali in the end helped us overcome the pain and the suffering. It has been 6 months now that things have been cured with the blessings of Maa Kali and we do see a difference. Me and my husband are the way we were before, happy with each other.