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It is today about to be a year after getting remedied for an unnatural cause. My experience with the wrong done on me by 6 people -all of whom are my relatives , is a harrowing one. To begin with , I  am , till today in total disbelief of the sequence of events that happened in my life. Approximately in year 2005 , my professional life was going great , I received job in best school of Mumbai , got opportunity abroad and got 2nd prize in quiz competition , but my personal front started shaking my confidence. My husband , physically , emotionally and mentally started torturing me without any remorse or guilt. I then knew , that he is deliberately doing all that to get rid of me . My husband showed disloyalty  , disrespect and total neglect right in front of all our relatives . I had to bear it all , as I had no one to support me and my son was too small . I started to feel that any logic ,given to  him , fell to deaf ears. Physically I started feeling drained out , emotionally very insecure , financially unsafe and I felt everyone around me enjoyed my downfall. My face skin , hair and my beauty started diminishing and unnaturally without any reason I was declared as a kidney patient by the doctor. This came as a total shock . My husband stopped discussing any future plans with me and unilaterally took decisions regarding our family life . He practically left me and my child in 2006 .  Even though I joined him in 2007 , my stay with him was a very painful one . He hit me brutally on several occasions and blatantly denied it . It was when now in Riyadh , I started feeling unsafe in my own house . I felt that my life is not mine any more. My life , it felt , was controlled by anybody and everybody, specially my in laws .
It was in Riyadh , that I felt many inexplicable events happening to me and my son . I and my son both could feel the presence of an entity in the house and we never slept alone. We could never share any problem with my husband as he had lost complete interest in us and started living his own secretive life even in my presence and I could not do anything.
Both me and my son were dumped in Mumbai in 2009 to stay alone. Here too , we faced extreme ly difficult times with my son who was a genius in class ,slowly started degrading in academics and behaviour . My job too here was a gods gift splendid one , but with so many problems at home ,I had to quit in 2010 . My husband was bent upon to divorce me and he tortured me in all possible ways .All the ladies in my in laws , including my mother in law , started misbehaving openly and I felt humiliated for no reason.
My house in Mumbai too,  I felt it was haunted,as every night , I felt some pressure on me , saw owls every night in my balcony , saw bat circling my house every day and last but not the least even saw a blue orb in my balcony which scared me to death. I did not know whom to approach for explanation .
My mother in law died in 2010 , I got some respite as I could feel some positive changes in my husband . He took us with him to Dubai that Diwali which I did not share with any of his people.
When they came to know about this trip , I felt , something more is going to come up .
My husband again became irritable and the same as before and I felt somebody in their family is again tearing my life apart. Coincidently , I came across a south Indian astrologer in 2012,who claimed to be able to only identify any wrong doings on people. I was too shaken to know from him that I was cursed for death and my son was cursed for downfall , but my husband was protected. This confirmed my hypothesis,but not fully as they could not help me with remedy nor did I have money or heart for any such thing . Same year , I got a job , and the situation at home spiralled out of hands and beyond imagination. My husband would listen more to his brothers wives than to me and they planned vacation with him without my knowledge.
When in2013 i discovered his affair ,He even threatened to dire consequences if I didint give him divorce. It was now that I felt I needed to teach him a lesson but when I contacted all the spiritual tantriks in India , they gave me a grim hope of this person and my situation .i did not lose hope and then in March 2013 I met madam Shweta Bisht through net only . My hope came back when she too suspected the same curses in my case but gave me hope of remedy , I wished to trust her as I had no option left . When she treated me and my son spiritually I felt my husband became more and more vile and then his people sent the biggest curse on me . They sent a spirit on my body to destroy me completely which again they could not do as madams timely intervention and strategy to deal with it helped me survive this ordeal .This left me badly shocked and I lost my job.All this while his family, people went only attacking me and my son in all possible ways .I could only survive through ,with Maa Kali ‘s blessings and Shweta madams timely action plans.
It was in her treatment to me that she could look  into my case and tell me my enemies which included all 5 members of my in laws along with my mother in law and my husband who would do anything to get rid of me .Now came the second blow to me when I found that my husband cheated on me with all types of cheap women and everybody in their family not only knew but they encouraged him for such things.
My husband would do anything to me to ensure his lifestyle and so playing this game to me was nearly impossible as it was 6 against me alone . But here too , maa Kaaali and Shweta ma’am proved a boon by showing me to take the most difficult routes to ensuring my justice.
2014 , the most crucial year of my life , my husband is financially supportive and my lost confidence is restored . Shweta madam is very pragmatic lady with a lot of foresight .Without her timely assistance , this game would have defeated me but as we can see I not only survive , but I live to tell my tale .This is nothing less than a miracle for me .My enemies who once tried to buy Shweta ma’am , have learnt that Jaako Raakhe Saaiyan ….Maar Sake na koi and turned me into the spiritual person who believes that God truly helps those who help themselves .