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YOU ARE YOUR OWN AUTHORITY AND YOUR OWN POWER...TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY TODAY.....Everything that happens to you, is because of you and your choice. if you feel hurt, its because you have chosen it. people will do what they have , but your reaction or response causes what ever inside you.....If you think someone can do something to you, you have created them as more powerful than you. Nobody is more powerful than you except you. www.maakalishwetasarojinimahakali.comm

Victim 14

Mahesh: removal of the jinn’s attack from 10 years :

Dear victims I was also a victim like you I had been suffering from jinn’s attack for 10 years.

My life had got like hell means that I was unable to think positive I used to felt like looser in the world in which field when I used to enter do my best to grow my career life or love life or whatever which concerns a normal healthy life used to got failed just because of this thing means jinn that was on me every time like shadow who was watching my all activities to destroy my life in every field because someone of my own relative wants me to close to death

So that I could not grow in my life and slowly-2 I got close to death I used to like stay alone &

feel depress but there is always god I started feeling that definitely something is wrong on me

I decided that I will get cure from some spiritual healer or Pandit so finally I got Mahakali Vedic Healing Shelter Pvt Ltd & Talked to Shweta ma’am after listening my problem she said to follow the protocol & after study the case she told me about that Jinn which was on me I got very shocked but finally she cured me as well as she understood & helped me to giving me installment option I really thank full to Shweta ma’am to curing me from that Jinn & now I m secured for 100 years.