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Saraswatiji puja: memory loss cure, intelligence upliftment

Ira from india

I didn’t find words to make people understand of what a person or more precisely I should say a victim goes through when He/she just slowly starts forgetting the little details of  daily routine activities they do…what when they leave from their home and in the middle of the way outside forget where they actually needed to go…and suddenly it seems like the world has become slow…everything, yes EVERYTHING,let that be fast moving vehicles on the road or trains seems to start moving at a very low pace in front of the eyes…!!! Yes to many, It may sound like a movie scene in which this situation happens when someone is either psychologically ill or suffers from some kind of giddiness and needs medical attention…!!!But when this becomes reality then life truly becomes a nightmare.

In my case,the reality was different,my medical reports were normal,and then too my life was making me shake my hands with these situations on near to daily basis…Something was not right with me…Slowly and slowly my memory areas were degrading and the world which actually was in motion but felt me still……this was very alarming situation for me, since this way I was prone to many road accidents or was susceptible to get lost somewhere if the things would have worsened more.My life had took a nasty toll. Thinking my situation by myself used to leave me in tremor Everyday spent recklessly. I met Shweta madam through her website.She did my case study and informed me the in-depth details of the black magic through which I was suffering and how it was affecting my mental abilities,which actually made sense.She addressed my problem on an urgent basis and recommended me with Saraswati Puja. For me the  puja was done in holy Navratri’s,From the day it started my situation started improving,.I felt my mind totally light and burdenfree,I no longer suffer  the symptoms I’ve mentioned.By the divine grace of Maa Saraswati I’m totally well and happy today..I heartily thank Shweta Madam for guiding me correctly and helping me emancipate from that hell.